I’m looking for guests (current students, recent graduates, parents, professionals who work in the college arena) who are interested and prepared to discuss current challenges related to college prep, navigation or transitions (for students, parents and caring advocates).

The goal is to discuss, inform, and share tips, tools, approaches and techniques. 

I ask potential guests to identify one or two topics that meet the criteria above, especially your personal experiences, then submit those ideas (click below) to determine if being a guest on the show is a fit.

I’m all about you sharing your views (whatever they are), just keep it real and be prepared to back them up with some solid experiences and/or relevant information.

I look forward to reviewing your topics. Be sure to include any questions you have. If your suggestions fit the criteria, we’ll confirm the best day and time for our recorded conversation.

Guests will be selected based on topic choices, availability and feedback. If we have a great experience, I’ll invite you back for another recorded conversation.

My intention is to deliver a show that is honest, timely, useful, and makes a difference, and I want you to be part of it.

Thanks for your interest. I can’t wait to have a cool conversation with you!