The Robbi Crawford Show is for and about students; how to successfully navigate school, work and life – from college acceptance to graduation, and the day to day prep and challenges before, during and after.

Recent stats suggest that it takes the average college student today in the U.S. 5+ years to complete a 4-year bachelor’s degree (National Student Clearinghouse). This means: more stress + more juggling + more time + more effort + more energy + more money, THEN subtract the average yearly income for every year the student is not part of the workforce = BIG losses.

Colleges and universities benefit the most. Especially when these students cross the finish line, diploma in hand, with a mound of debt and a low paying position outside the area they’ve just invested 5+ years studying. 

I’m NOT cool with this and my guess is you’re not either. This is why I’m such a fierce student advocate.

Students are answering the cultural call, “Go to college and get a degree to be successful.” Truth is: there’s a whole lot more to being successful than going to college and getting a degree.

First, figure out your who, what and why, then determine the where, when and how. – Robbi Crawford

you’ve (student) got to define what success means to you, which requires some clarity around who.

NEXT, you’ve (student) got to determine which path is the right path for you to get there, which requires some clarity around your what and why

THEN, you’re (student) ready to consider the where, when and how.

Before taking on ANY big endeavor, like college, you have to begin with the end in mind. As I like to say, “Play it smart, begin planning when you start.” 

This is the fine print that’s often ignored. So many focus on what it takes to get accepted into their college of choice, then they slip into cruise control.

Students are on an assembly line where the college or university’s goal is to matriculate and graduate – get students in, and get them out. But, college isn’t a one-size fits all endeavor.

The truth is: there are some really amazing and caring administrators, faculty and staff who work with students to help them navigate this entire process, they’re just up against a system that’s too big to overhaul. I spent a decade as a college professor doing the same thing. The system is the system,  it ain’t changing anytime soon, if at all.

My goal as podcast host is to show you that you have a lot more power than you realize. When you take personal responsibility for your journey, feel empowered to make conscious choices and understand what it takes to create and sustain momentum to make it through the first day of college to the first day of your new career, this can make all the difference.

Through info episodes and interviews with current students and recent graduates who are playing/played the college game their way, and frank conversations with my peers in the college sandbox who are also fierce student advocates we’ll tackle some of these issues.

My humble intention is that you as a listener – whether you’re a student, parent or caring advocate, will be informed and eventually transformed (take actions that change your trajectory and create a lasting impact).

There’s also a standing invitation to be a guest on the show. I know other listeners will relate to your specific challenge(s) and benefit from our conversation. 

Here’s a quick summary of “why I’m the host.” In addition to my student’s mentor role via my biz Robbi Crawford Enterprises, LLC, I also serve as a Lead Coach for the Orange Duffel Bag Initiative, a non-profit organization that provides at-risk teens and young adults programs proven to improve their education success and ongoing advocacy.

I’ve spent over two decades observing work life structures in a variety of settings, domestically and abroad. I’ve conducted extensive research, taught and career advised thousands of students of all ages, and completed hundreds of interviews on the topic of work life satisfaction and job structure. The first half of that time I worked in corporate and non profit sectors, and I ran a couple of businesses. More recently, I spent the last decade as a college professor where I taught on both the university and community college levels. I’ve secured two degrees, completed my Life Coach certification, and acquired a number of other licenses and certifications related to human and spiritual development. Read fun facts…

I’m uber excited to talk about school, work and life with YOU, whether you’re an aspiring college student, a current college student, parent or caring advocate.

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