Being a college student is no easy task. Successfully navigating this educational journey requires a mindset shift, flexibility, staying open to the possibilities, making connections and being intentional among other skills and characteristics. My guest for this episode is Lucas Frink, college student and Founder of The Boss Exponent. He shares his journey and lessons learned along the way that helps him maximize his college experience and be his own boss.

Lucas Frink was a young man steeped in an environment of gangs and drugs. He made a decision to shift his life in a different direction and hasn’t looked back. During my conversation with him, we discuss the elements that contributed to the young man he’s grown into and his personal and professional mission to inspire, encourage and help others tap into their greatness. 

He also shares his experiences as a college student; what he had to overcome and who and what keeps him going. 

In this insightful conversation he emphasizes the importance of your mindset, having support, asking for help, understanding that your network is your net worth, challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone, surrounding yourself with people who buy into your vision and encourage you to be your best, getting and staying connected, being intentional, making the most of your time, writing down and executing your goals, knowing your WHY, understanding what it means to be your own boss, and much more. 

He summarizes what he means when he says, Be Your Own Boss:

  • Be wealthy in your time (its a limited resource)
  • Grow your knowledge
  • Build relationships
  • Use your finances as resources
  • and more . . . 

As you listen, take note of the many great insights this young man has to share and what he means when he says his favorite inspirational words are: Run While You Can.

Lucas is maximizing his college experience. He knows why he’s in college. He knows what he wants. And, he understands the power of being intentional. 

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