​Taking time to recover and refresh after a long period of activity is just as important as being productive, getting work done. When Winter Break arrives, it’s time to take a lesson from nature and the animal kingdom and rest a bit, reboot in preparation for Spring. After you take some time to relax, play and refresh, consider setting aside a little time to reflect on your accomplishments of the past year. 

Because there’s such a strong emphasis on producing, getting things done, and staying busy, we’re often hard pressed to stop and take time to reflect on our accomplishments and celebrate them.
There are so many benefits to adopting this as a habit, whether you reflect every month, every quarter, every semester, or every year. How often you do it depends on what works best for you. What’s most important is that you take the time to do it.
In this episode, I share an exercise you can dive into during your Winter Break that will help you intentionally reflect on the previous semester, or year. This is especially beneficial for students, as there are several points along your educational journey where you’ll be required to share skillfully, in written form or verbally, what you’ve accomplished and how you’ve made an impact.

​There’s also the added benefit of boosting your self-confidence. Who doesn’t want a self-confidence boost?

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