The Robbi Crawford Show is a podcast focused on helping college students reach their education and worklife/career goals. Whether you’re a college newbie, currently attending, close to graduation or a new grad there’s something here to help you sift and sort through the many options available to choose what’s right for you.



RCS 25 – Can I Really Pay For My College Education With Scholarships? Yes! (Professional Interview)
RCS 24 – Build Yourself Up. Build Your Network. Be Your Own Boss (Student Interview)
RCS 23 – What If I Know What I Want, But I Just Can’t Catch a Break?
RCS 22 – Taking A Break Between High School and College Can Be A Good Thing
RCS 21 – Figuring Out What You Want To Do Is Often Your Biggest Challenge (Professional Interview)
RCS 20 – Congratulations College Graduate! How are you feeling about this next chapter in your life?
RCS 19 – Doing What Matters Most
RCS 18 – If Picking a College Is Stressing You Out, Consider This Powerful Tool (Professional Interview)
RCS 17 – College Is A Straight Up Game, Are You Playing To Win?
RCS 16 – College Visits and Mining for Scholarships as Her Part-Time Job Paid Off (Student Interview)

RCS 15 – Are YOU Taking Full Responsibility for Your Educational Experience?
RCS 14 – Lessons Learned on the Road to Her Doctorate (Student Interview)
RCS 13 – What If I Have Too Many Different Interests to Focus On Just One?
RCS 12 – Different Doesn’t Have to Mean Miserable: Students With ADHD Can Restore Their Joy & Curiosity (Professional Interview)
RCS 11 – A Four-Year Degree Doesn’t Seem to Be A Four-Year Degree Anymore
​RCS 10 – Don’t Skip the Essential Wants & Desires College Prep Conversation (Professional Interview)

RCS 9 – What If I Really Don’t Know What I Want To Do?
RCS 8 – Thinking About Going Back To School?
RCS 7 – Relax, Reboot & Leap Ahead During Winter Break
RCS 6 – Successfully Navigating The Road 2 College (Professional Interview)
RCS 5 – Is College Part Of Your Equation For Success?
RCS 4 – We’ve Got To Stop Crushing Student’s Dreams
RCS 3 – The College Strategy Doesn’t End Once You’re Accepted (Professional Interview)
RCS 2 – The Dreaded FAFSA
RCS 1 – You Are The Only YOU Expert