The Robbi Crawford Show is a podcast focused on helping teens and young adults reach their education and worklife/career goals. Regardless of where you are in your transition, there’s something here to help you sift and sort through the many options available to choose what’s right for you.



RCS 25 – Can I Really Pay For My College Education With Scholarships? Yes! (Professional Interview)
RCS 24 – Build Yourself Up. Build Your Network. Be Your Own Boss (Student Interview)
RCS 23 – What If I Know What I Want, But I Just Can’t Catch a Break?
RCS 22 – Taking A Break Between High School and College Can Be A Good Thing
RCS 21 – Figuring Out What You Want To Do Is Often Your Biggest Challenge (Professional Interview)
RCS 20 – Congratulations College Graduate! How are you feeling about this next chapter in your life?
RCS 19 – Doing What Matters Most
RCS 18 – If Picking a College Is Stressing You Out, Consider This Powerful Tool (Professional Interview)
RCS 17 – College Is A Straight Up Game, Are You Playing To Win?
RCS 16 – College Visits and Mining for Scholarships as Her Part-Time Job Paid Off (Student Interview)

RCS 15 – Are YOU Taking Full Responsibility for Your Educational Experience?
RCS 14 – Lessons Learned on the Road to Her Doctorate (Student Interview)
RCS 13 – What If I Have Too Many Different Interests to Focus On Just One?
RCS 12 – Different Doesn’t Have to Mean Miserable: Students With ADHD Can Restore Their Joy & Curiosity (Professional Interview)
RCS 11 – A Four-Year Degree Doesn’t Seem to Be A Four-Year Degree Anymore
​RCS 10 – Don’t Skip the Essential Wants & Desires College Prep Conversation (Professional Interview)

RCS 9 – What If I Really Don’t Know What I Want To Do?
RCS 8 – Thinking About Going Back To School?
RCS 7 – Relax, Reboot & Leap Ahead During Winter Break
RCS 6 – Successfully Navigating The Road 2 College (Professional Interview)
RCS 5 – Is College Part Of Your Equation For Success?
RCS 4 – We’ve Got To Stop Crushing Student’s Dreams
RCS 3 – The College Strategy Doesn’t End Once You’re Accepted (Professional Interview)
RCS 2 – The Dreaded FAFSA
RCS 1 – You Are The Only YOU Expert